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Cathy M. Andricsak, D.M.D. | Periodontal (gum) disease in Toms River, NJ


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Periodontal (gum) disease

How does periodontal disease develop?

Gingivitis is the initial stage of periodontal disease. Affected gum areas become increasingly red. They may appear swollen and may bleed easily, especially when you brush or floss your teeth. The condition is reversible at this stage with regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist. If it is not treated, however, gingivitis may lead to a more serious condition called periodontitis.

Periodontitis can irreversibly damage the gums, bones and other structures that support the teeth and it can lead to tooth loss. However, treatment can help. At more advanced stages, the disease may require more complex treatment to prevent tooth loss. In the worst case, teeth can become loose and need to be removed by the dentist. How periodontitis is treated often depends on how far the condition has progressed and how well your hody responds to therapy over time.

How are periodontal diseases diagnosed?

If you schedule regular dental checkups, your dentist can detect developing periodontal diseases before the gums and the bone supporting your teeth are irreversibly damaged. Periodontal diseases are most ofter progressive--left untreated, the condition often becomes worse.

During a checkup, the dentist examines your gums for periodontal problems. An instrument called a periodontal probe is used to gently measure the depth of the spaces between your teeth and gums. At the very edge of the gum line, healthy gum tissue forms a very shallow, v-shaped groove (also known as a sulcus) between the tooth and gums. the normal depth of the sulcus should be three millimeters or less. When periodontal disease is present, this normally shallow sulcus develops into a deeper pocket that bleeds, collects more plaque bacteria and is difficult to keep clean.


Cathy M. Andricsak, D.M.D. in Toms River, NJ NJ
Toms River, NJ Dentist | Periodontal (gum) disease. Cathy Andricsak is a Toms River, NJ Dentist.