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Cathy M. Andricsak, D.M.D. | Scaling & Root Planing in Toms River, NJ


Cathy M. Andricsak, D.M.D.  
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Scaling & Root Planing

Periodontal diseases (also known as gum disease) are infections of the gum and bone that hold teeth in place.

If periodontal problems are not treated, they can become severe and may eventually lead to tooth loss. Periodontal diseases are often painless and you may not be aware that you have a problem until your gums and the supporting bone are seriously damaged. the good news is that periodontal diseases often can be treated in the early stages with a treatment to clean your teeth called scaling and root planing.

Treatment has a huge benefit. You'll increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth. Scaling and root planing is a method of treating periodontal disease when pockets are greater than 3mm. Scaling is used to remove plaque and tartar are carefully removed down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket. The tooth's root surfaces are then smoothed or planed. this procedure helps gum tissue to heal and periodontal pockets to shrink. The procedure also makes it more difficult for plaque to accumulate along the root surfaces. Depending on the extent of the disease,your dentist may recommend that one or more sections (quardants) of the mouth be treated with scaling and root planing. treatment requires one or more visits. You'll be given instructions on how to care for your healing teeth and gums.

Cathy M. Andricsak, D.M.D. in Toms River, NJ NJ
Toms River, NJ Dentist | Scaling & Root Planing. Cathy Andricsak is a Toms River, NJ Dentist.